Art Gallery with Brooke and Adam

Contact sheet evaluation

For this shoot Brooke, Adam and I took a trip to an art gallery in London to have a calm day out all together. I was documenting how they interacted with each other and the art around them.

I used a Canon 600D with an 18-55mm lens. I don’t want to plan these shoots too much as I want more casual candid images rather than posed images that look fake. I chose to photograph the models in a gallery as it allowed me to follow them around and document how the viewed the art, also trying to get some interesting shots, using my levels and cropping. The lighting inside the gallery was not the ideal conditions I was looking for. Even though the rooms were big and white the lights that lit the room were not the strongest and as they were only in one line down the middle of the ceiling it created some harsh shadows, which I didn’t want.

Some of my images are slightly underexposed due to the lighting conditions but I did try my best to adapt to what I was working with. I ended up using a range of different ISO from 100 – 3200, using a high rating like 3200 is not the best so in my next shoot I will try to photograph in a location with better lighting or try better to adapt better so I can use a lower ISO. The main shutter speeds I used were 1/60s and 1/80s, which is the slowest you should go before significant camera, shake starts to appear. The main aperture I used was f/4, the low aperture was needed as it allows more light into the camera and I didn’t really need the whole shot to be in focus as I wanted to focus on my models, the art wasn’t as imported to keep sharp.

There are a few images in this shoot I like but overall I know I can do better. When I next shoot I will make sure to shoot with better lighting and adapt better, also I will make sure to change the white balance within my camera as when shooting with artificial lighting the images are more likely to have a warm orange tone to the images. I want to also take more images of the details about the models, for examples things that mean a lot to them or things they use a lot.

Even though this was a test shoot I wanted experement with viewpoints. I can see I needed more images of my models faces but I do feel captured their friendship in a way. Taking more images would have helped me capture a wider varity of emotions between the two but after this I now feel more confident going into my next shoot.


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