Weekly Plan

Week 1 (23/01/2017)

  • Test Shoot, to get feel of the topic and start to explore.
  • Shoot evaluation, talk about camera settings, how I felt, how the models felt, location, lighting…
  • Make contact sheets.
  • Start the blog.
  • Start the mind-map/ mood board.

Week 2 (30/01/2017)

  • Begin the artist research.
  • Begin the proposal.
  • Finish mind- map and post on blog.

Week 3 (06/02/2017)

  • Make sure research and proposal are done.
  • Start editing images.
  • Do research on social documentary and the best way to take images.

Week 4 (13/02/2017) Half Term

  • Travel to Colchester and shoot a friend also the journey.
  • Travel to Cambridge and shoot friends also the journey.
  • x2 contact sheets with evaluations (talking about how the shoot went).

Week 5 (20/02/2017)

  • Shoot in London, experimenting with different angles and cropping.
  • Contact sheets.
  • Shoot with film camera

Week 6 (27/02/2017)

  • Work more on artist research.
  • Make sure all contact sheet evaluations are done.

Week 7 (06/03/2017)

  • Start to choose favourite images.
  • Experiment with editing images.

Week 8 (13/03/2017)

  • Have all artist research is done.
  • Experiment with moving images.

Week 9 (20/03/2017)

  • Go on a shoot with film camera.
  • begin to develop film images.

Week 10 (27/03/2017)

  • Evaluate film images and think about shooting again if goes well.
  • Have all other contact sheet evaluations done.

Week 11 (03/04/2017)

  • Think about putting final images together, see what works well.
  • Go on another shoot fitting what is needed with the images I have picked out.

Week 12 (10/04/2017)

  • Refine final images to the best ones.
  • Edit images along with evaluating the edits, saying why I chose to edit that way/ why I chose that image.

Week 13 (17/04/2017)

  • Continue editing image, experimenting with tools in lightroom and photoshop.

Week 14 (24/04/2017)

  • Look through final images and make sure everything is evaluated as why the image was chosen (eg good angles, framing, interesting lighting) and reason behind editing.

Week 15 (01/05/2017)

  • Look at the series of images and think about how they will displayed.
  • Play around with different layout ideas, making sure to document my ideas.

Week 16 (08/05/2017)

  • Start to mount images on chosen coloured board.

Week 17 (15/05/2017)

  • Look back through written work and make sure everything is there and to a good standard, fixing anything.

Week 18 (22/05/2017)

  • Do any last minute edits, go through shoots and see if there’s any images that could still be used.

Week 19 (29/05/2017)

HAND IN WEEK -Week 20 (05/06/2017)


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