General Shoot Plan

As I don’t know where my shoots will take me I can’t individually plan the lighting and location of each shoot. I want my images to be relaxed and candid and planing shoot will take away from the care free part of that, as I plan on following my models around to see what they get up to.

What equipment to have if needed:

  • DSLR camera
  • Phone (to shoot video)
  • Film camera
  • Tripod – If lightings too low will need to use a low shutter speed to insure as much light as possible. The low shutter speed will cause camera shake without tripod.
  • Hand held flash – If lighting is low with no tripod can help light the shot.

When shooting these are the top things to keep in mind:

  • Keep changing viewpoints and angles.
  • Think about the weather/ lighting, how to change the settings to fit the surroundings, especially if they’re changing.
  • Getting a lot of both wide angle images as well as cropped.
  • Not just photographing the model but the details within their life as well, this will show the viewer who they really are.
  • Make sure the model is comfortable.
  • It’s okay to stage a few shots as long as they don’t look stiff, not everything important in their life will happen in one day.

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