Cambridge With Mia and Tom

I travelled to Cambridge with two friends, Tom and Mia while doing this shoot. They both are really into music so I though taking pictures of them surrounded by records I thought was perfect. I also was playing with the idea of seeing how much time they spend on their phones and how much they interacted with what’s around them.

For this shoot I used a Canon 600D with an 18-55mm lens. The majority of these images were taken in a record shop but a few were taken on a train and in a restaurant. I had planed on taking images outside but it sadly was raining with a grey overcast so the images wouldn’t have come out well. The lighting all throughout was not a light as I’d hoped but there was enough to work with to get some correctly exposed images. The lights in the record store were quite white so didn’t need any changes within the white balance but in the restaurant the artificial light had an orange glow that tinted the image. So once I saw the orange light I changed the white balance within my camera to tungsten that took away some of the glow making the image look more natural.

Through out my shoot I kept to quite a low aperture of f/3.5 and f/4, this allowed a suitable amount of light to come through the lens, correctly exposing my images. Also as I was focusing on my models so the background didn’t need to be in focus. For all of these images I used a shutter speed of 1/80s so that mean there would be no camera shake but still allowing a good amount of light through the lens. The ISO was the main setting that was changing throughout my shoot as the lighting changed when changing locations and framing (as more or less light would be in the shot.) I mainly used an ISO of 320 and 640 as they kept my image well exposed without creating too much noise within the image. I wanted to be quite close to my models so for the most part of this shoot I had the focal length at 18mm to really crop the image to the model was the main subject.

I like some of the images within this shoot especially the ones in the record store as you can tell the models are really interested in what they’re looking at. I may do another shoot where I follow models around again; looking at something they’re interested in, this allows us to see more about them.


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