Film Images:

I’ve never used a  film camera before so espicially as this is my final major project I want to really push myself and try new tecniques. When previous working in the darkroom, using pinhole and photograms I really enjoyed it. As I’ve never worked with film I’m really intrested in how the images will come out and to develop them. Using a film camera means every shot counts, so I will take each shot with care and thought, hopefully getting a complely different image than what DSLR gives. When shooting with film I will most likey choose shoot with a group of people so I can get a wide range emotions from people and different view points/ angles.

Moving Image:

As I am moving onto Film Production next year I wanted to include some of it within my final major project. I plan on capturing part of the surroundings of my shoots as well as the actions of my models, I don’t want the clips to be stages too much as I want to their real emotions. I feel adding moving image will add to the rality of this projects as people will be able to see the models moving around, seeing almost a 360 degree of everything. Along with the editing there are so many way to showcase these moving images, but one thing I know is I don’t want to include any of the audio as I feel that may be distracting.

Captions/ Titles:

Captions and titles are a way to add some more context to the im,ages as they explain the story that little bit more. And I do want my viewers to get to know the models within my images, that’s part of what my project it, showing we all live different lives and even though we are different ages etc we all have some similaritys. I will explore all the different way of using captions and titles, from the way they are written to how I choose to place them on my images.

Different ways of using them-

  • Having the photographer write the text
  • Having the model wite the text
  • Informal/ formal
  • Basic infomation
  • Meaning behind the images
  • Explain what’s within the images
  • Placing the text ontop of the image
  • Leaving a gap to be written underneth
  • Text/ handwritten

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