Video Experiments

I wanted to add a moving image aspect as after this I plan on taking film. I also wanted to do it as it really brings something extra to the project, as you get get more of a feel for the life they live. I made sure include all different types of clips from many locations to show more of their life than we see in the images. It also feel very personal to me as I have taken all the videos and each of them hold a different memory. So in a way it’s an in site to my life as well as theirs, except I’m the one you never see in the pictures or videos but I’m involved in them all. In a way it’s kind of a behind the scenes of the shoots, as you see the models moving and also the location is moving too.

I really like how many ways there is to take it within the editing, having one clip after the other, using transactions, having layers or video’s next to one another. I may add some of my images to the moving image, overlaying it so both the video and image is shown, but I want to make sure I don’t overcrowd the screen so will have to choose carefully. When I have my final moving image sequence I plan on taking one of my models favourites, who’s hobby is music, and playing it in the background making it more personal.


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