Presentation & Feedback 31/03/2017


  • Add captions to incorporate more detail about the models… like what they study/ interests, even if it’s in the image.
  • Add music over the moving image video.
  • The detailed shots with the cropping and different viewpoints are really interesting.
  • The layout composition works well.


My Thoughts:

  • I am currently experimenting with captions and all the different ways they can be used. Having the captions will allow me tell their stories further.
  • I had thought using music over my video clips may have been distracting but having the option of using headphones will remove that worry. I will take the comment and try and use it when presenting my project, and will chose a song that links with at least one of my models. As some of the have a passion for music picking one of their favourite songs will be a nice touch.

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