Fill in Flash

Fill in flash

First I took a photo with just daylight, the ISO was 400, the shutter speed was 1/100 and the aperture was set to f8. I had the camera on a tripod to avoid camera shake, as the shutter speed was low. I also used a small soft box over the flash so the light was diffused.

First I balanced the flash with the camera to see how the shot came out, and it made the subject too overexposed, I did this by making sure the camera had a aperture of f8 and having the same on the flash gun. Next I took the flash down a stop so it was on f5.6, still having an aperture in the camera of f8. This made the subject more underexposed then the previous picture. Then next I change the settings in the camera so the shutter speed was 1/40s and the aperture was set to f11, combining this with the flash set to f5.6 (2 stops down) this meant the subject in the image still got the light from the flash but the foreground was lighter as I used a slower shutter speed. Then I took the flash down one stop so it was only at f8 creating a brighter flash. I made sure to take a picture with no flash to compare.

I next changed the shutter speed so it was 1/200s and took the photo much faster; the aperture on the camera was set to f11. Balancing the flash so it was set to f11. By having a faster shutter speed meant that the foreground was darker but because of the flash the subject will still be lit. I added another layer on the soft box so it diffused the light from the flash even more, which left the image underexposed with the settings we where on before. Changing the camera so it had an aperture of f11 and a shutter speed of 1/125 along with the flash having f16, which is one stop up from the camera. This allowed the flash to be diffused more while keeping the foreground dark and dramatic.

I started with the camera on 1/30s shutter speed with an f11 aperture, which made the subject in the image too overexposed. I added the flash at f8 one stop down to make sure the flash wasn’t too harsh. I then brought down the flash even more by two stops making it f5.6 with even more less of a flash. I then added on a small soft box. I nexted changed the flash to f8 then the shutter speed on the camera to 1/60s allowing more light through. Then I took the shutter speed to 1/100s, making the background darker and changing the flash back to f11. Then took the shutter speed up to 1/200s and added another diffuser allowing less light through the flash. Then changed the aperture to f8 on the camera and changed the flash to f16 (one stop up so it wasn’t too underexposed.) After I took a picture with no flash. Changing the aperture on the camera to f8 and the shutter speed to 1/60 we added a silver dish reflector and pointed the flash gun towards it, then the light from the flash gun would bounce back the light back on to the sunject.

I decied that getting the perfect fill in flash is a very long process when the shoot location is consantly changing, like in all of mine. In some indoor public location they do not allow flash so would not be even possible to use it. I also felt that it would make my subjects uncomfotable as having a flash can be very intimating and I wanted them all to be as comfortable as possible.


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