Captions/ Text

I feel my images tell their own story. The way I have put them together the viewer can clearly see what is happening so I felt it would have been pointless to do a caption explaining the images. Instead I wanted to bring up what you can see, such as their thoughts or basic information or maybe even a deeper meaning behind the images.

Text style 1:

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 11.23.16.pngedhi.jpg

The easiest way I was able to get handwritten text on my images was to write them on paper, take a picture using flash and then take it to photoshop to make the white really bright and the black really dark. To do this I just added a levels adjustment level and increased the shadows and highlights. To get the text from one image to the other I used the magic wand tool to outline the text and drag to the other image. I dragged from the adjustment layer as I knew it would take the text in white, which is what I wanted.


I really like the outcome of this experiment as it brings a more personal feel to the image as it allows us to see what the model was think when the images were being taken. Having the text written in handwritten text makes it more personal to me as a photographer as it’s almost like leaving my mark. If i were to do this style across my images I would have the most though of/ more important words in the situation bigger than the others to emphasise it.

Text style 2:

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 12.48.19.pngTo add a text caption I took to photoshop and used the text tool. I chose a typewriter font as it reflects on what is being said within, basic facts. Having the text bold allowed it to stand out more.

Having basic text telling the viewer a bit more about the models just adds a bit of context to part of the image. Such as he has to use his laptop a lot as his course is very much digital based.


This style gives the viewer the basic facts of the model, nothing about what they were thinking or feeling. This is different as it gives the viewer some background of the model and where they are now.

Text style 3:


I used the same way to add text as the previous image, on photoshop. With these set of images I wanted to tell a different story than ‘the model is doing makeup’. To create a story I added a simple title and just a sentence underneath expressing that she wears makeup as she’s insecure. But to someone else, like her boyfriend, she is beautiful without it.


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