Test Film Shoot

I had never previously shot with film so this shoot was my first ever experiment shoot. Reviewing the test shoot I found that only a few of my images were exposed correctly, leaving most of them being over/ under exposed. As there is no way of knowing how the image came out until the development stage it’s hard to know where to improve. If I were to do another shoot I would make sure to take more than one image with different exposures to ensure the best quality possible. Prior to developing my film I wanted to do another shoot but I found developing the film and setting it up was very challenging. At this stage I feel it’s more important for me to work on working on furthering some of my selected images, making them as strong and unique as possible. For me I feel I need a lot more practice with a film camera and with that needs a lot more time and money so it makes sense for me to possible revisit film if I have the time after experimenting more with my selected images.


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