Showing Similarities

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 12.10.25

I wanted to show the similarities of what each of the models do in their day. So instead of placing them next to each other I placed them on photoshop on top of one another and turned down the opacity to 50% of the top layer so both were revealed.

I didn’t place the images directly on top of each other as their faces and actions wouldn’t have been as clear as putting the images just to the side. I really like the affect that was created as it really shows the point of how peoples day-to-day lives can be similar. As both of the image were quite white it allows them to merge well, not having too many other distractions, as I wanted to show them both in bed on their laptops.


What I like about this image is how it looks mirrored in a way, as they’re both making the same actions and I took both the images in the refection of the mirror. As there was more going in the background of these images I placed both of the models faces to the side of one another and used the rubber tool to take away from the top image. I make sure to use a very soft brush to blend the image out, creating a nice gradient.


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