Final Layout Experiments

I have decided to have the 4 large collages displayed in the size of 12×12 inches. The smaller grids will all have a canvas of 6×4 inches but as they are all of a slightly different size I will remove the excess, this means they will all but roughly the same size.

I have the idea of having the big collages as they show what that person does within their day in a compresses image, while the smaller scatter grids show within those day-to-day lives they all do similar actions, as well as living their own lives. Mixing the images together shows that they all know each other, merging their similarities as well as allowing their differences to show themselves. Also having the images scattered mirrors the chaos of what a youths life can be.

I decided to use to add handwritten words to some of the small grids too add some personal context to the image, as the words say some of the thoughts and feelings while going about their day. This allows the viewer to peek into the models eyes, but I made sure not too add too much to allow the viewer to make up their own mind to who these people are. Having the close up as well as the wide shots add some details within the images as well as seeing the big picture. Having the cropped images also allows the viewer to see what is in the shot a bit better as the images are quite small.

idea 1

My first idea is to have my 4 big collages at the top with my smaller grids scattered underneath. Sadly I don not have enough room to have the big collages next to each other and I don’t want to reduce their size to make them fit.


Another option is to have the 4 collages in each of the corners with the smaller grids scattered in between, this does all fit but I’m not too sure if I like how open it looks. I don’t know the exact measurements for the display board do it may look different mounted.


I could also have the 4 collages running down the middle of the board, with the smaller grids scattered to the side. This does bring some uniformity to the display as even though the grids are all different sizes they are placed in the same way on both sides. Another option is to have this same idea but have the grids in a way reflecting off one another.

As I have the sizes of my images I know they will all fit on my board, I can also experiment when I have the physical images.


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