Layout Planning Inspiration

I was looking at Wolfgang Tillmans exhibition as they displayed a lot of images, which relates to my work as I too plan on displaying a lot of image. I like how not all of the images are the same size, it brings the viewer closer to the images as they have to get close to see within the smaller images. The colours within the images allow each one to stand on its own even though it’s in a sea of other images. They have almost scattered images over the wall but some how it doesn’t look a mess, to them it is an organised mess. It shows me I don’t have to place all my images perfectly straight next to one another along the wall. Even though they have more space to display their work than I do I am going to take inspiration and apply it to my display by scattering my images in a way that to me is organised

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 12.56.27.png


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