Final Evaluation

When starting the final major project I didn’t have a set idea of what I wanted to do, all I knew is that I wanted to document youths of today. Progressing through the project I developed many different ideas that contributed towards my final images and ideas, allowing me to grow and get more of a sense of what I wanted my final work to look like. As I went on to take more shoots my ideas started to come together more clearly. Carrying out a lot of research on many different aspects throughout the project helped me a lot as it was a way to get inspiration from other artist and adapt and use in my own style. I made sure to explore many different techniques such as doing a test film shoot; creating a moving image and also developing one of my shoots by experimenting with fill in flash . I also experimented with different layouts, captions and editing techniques, finding which ones fit best with the goal I had in mind. I do feel I had a solid plan from start to finish that really helped me stay on track and kept me to the brief throughout.

I am really proud of the outcome of my final images as they really capture different elements of the models and how they all lead a different life but are still able to come together. Using different angles, viewpoints and cropping to ensure I got a wide range of image across every shoot worked well. Adding all these elements together in a grid worked perfectly as it allowed the viewer to see every aspect from the shoot, including wide shots and details. Having the 4 big collages was nice to have as they allowed each of the subjects to stand out on their own. Having the smaller images scattered around each model creates a link; that they share friends and have similar aspirations in life. It also mirrors how chaotic a youth’s life can be, as everything is changing and they still have so much to learn. By having the words on the images was a way to add a more personal aspect as it shows what each of the models were feeling and thinking. I wanted the viewer to feel as if they were looking into someone else’s life, whilst comparing the similarities and differences of their day-to-day lives. As stated in my artist statement my work is not only about documenting their story but mine also. My work makes the viewers see what I see, as these are all my friends and I’m involved in each of their journeys.

To improve my project I feel it would have been interesting to do more shoots with larger groups of people. However it is hard to make that happen, as students are very busy. I could explore deeper into their personal lives, including their family, showing the difference between how they act towards their family vs. friends. I would have loved to get the models to write the text that was across some of the images to make it even more personal to each of the subjects.


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