Veronica’s Day

This shoot I followed my friend Veronica around on her day off from work and school. She lives in Colchester so we walked everywhere, this allowed me to take images on paths she walks down daily. I documented the basic things she personally did in a day such as walking into town, making breakfast and doing her make up. Doing this shoot allowed the viewers to have a deeper look into Veronica’s life.

I used a Canon 600D with an 18-55mm lens. For this shoot I was in Colchester visiting a friend so I took it as an opportunity to follow her around and take pictures of how she lives her life. I shot in her home and on a walk that we went on. On the walk the sun was setting which I thought brought a really nice glow to some of the image but it did mean there wasn’t a lot of light to work with. I took a few test shots outside at night but there was so little light the images did not come out well. When shooting inside I tried my best to work with the light that was coming from the windows. In the image where my subject is doing her make up I feel the light helped illuminate her face, rather than using an artificial light that may have casted nasty shadows. To me natural lighting is the best lighting when it comes to documenting and taking candid images as you want the image to be as free and natural, I also feel it lights up a shot better than standard home lights do. In some images, like the ones in the kitchen, the window light did make my subject more of a silhouette which was not how I wanted but once I saw what was happening I make sure to change my angles and settings to insure a better shot.

Some of my images are slightly under or over exposed but not by too much so if I wanted to use them editing in Photoshop will fix it. I used a wide range of focal lengths between the 18-55mm as I kept moving positions to insure the best images so if I wanted a shot it was easy to just the zoom to what I felt was good for the framing. I kept my aperture values quite low ranging between f/ 3.5 – f/ 5.6mm, as I wasn’t so much interested in what was in the background of this shoot having a low aperture didn’t affect my image as the main focus was my subject and the most important thing was having her in focus. I kept my shutter speed for the majority of the images on 1/80s as at the speed there I less change of camera shake but it still allows a good amount of light through the lens, making sure to correctly expose my images. Also as my model was stationary or only moving at a slow speed having it any lower wouldn’t have been necessary. As the lighting and angles were constantly changing so was the ISO, there was more highlights in some of the frames compared to the others so the ISO has to keep changing to keep up. The main ISO I used were 320 and 1000, this was necessary because of the constant change of lighting and location.

I really like how some of the images in this shoot came out as by changing the angles and really thinking about every shot, rather than taking every image at the same view point. By doing this it made my images more interesting and having a more of a focus on what my subject was doing in their day and how much they relied on their phone. I feel I will do a shoot like this again focusing more on the relationship between the subject and their phone, also capturing how they rely on their phone and how they take advantage of the real world around them.