Adam’s day

I followed my friend for this shoot, who is a uni student living in a small appartment in London. I made sure to include some of the detials within his room and also the walk he takes to get to uni, while stopping off to get a drink before.

I used a canon 600D to take my images with an 18-55mm lens. This whole shoot based around my friend Adam and what he does in his day-to-day life, living in London alone for uni. I first location that we shot in was in his room, as that’s where he spends most of his time. Even though he has white wall and quite a large window not much light got into the room as there was another building opposite the window. Even though some of the images are underexposed I didn’t worry too much as I knew they could be fixed easily with a bit of editing. I could have changed the ISO to a higher setting but that would reduce the quality and I would prefer to have better quality and have to edit a slight bit more, than have images with ‘noise’. As he is a TV student he spends a lot of his time on his laptop so I tried to find interesting ways to capturing him doing what he does most. I really like some of the angles I created and made sure to change my view point so the images weren’t all shot from eye level. I also tried to capture the little details within his room that allow the viewer to get to know Adam a bit more and what he’s like as a person, like looking at what was on his shelves and how have likes to organise them. Even though he doesn’t have too much in his room and there’s only white walls he have bright colours of yellow that really bring some like to the room and the images. We then went outside and I took images of him on his walk to uni and also in Costa. In some part of the walk the buildings shielded the sun from my model making the image underexposed slightly but as we went further the sun shun through. I tried to capture him a natural candid way, even though some of the images were staged. The views on the walk really helped to create such a big contrast between the images that were taken on my shoot with Veronica, as they incorporated more nature. Again I used different levels and angles to try my best to make the images as interesting as possible, as I found it quite had to make a walk interesting. I liked having Adam as a model as I felt he took direction well and wanted the images to come out as well I did, he was also quite natural even when having a camera following him around.

Throughout my shoot I tried to keep to a low ISO ranging from 100-400, but some of my images had to go a bit higher to ensure the images weren’t too under exposed. The two shutter speeds I used were 1/100s and 1/80s as they are both good settings that ensure little camera shake while still allowing a good amount of light through the lens. As my images had little to no moment the shutter speed didn’t need to be increased too much anyhow. With a few of the indoor shots I used a 1/60s shutter speed but there was no moments and little light so it was what was best to get the best images possible. As the lighting changed so did my aperture but this helped my images, as when outside my images used a rating of f/10- f/22 which meant more of my images would be in focus. This was good as I wanted the background of the river and skyline to be in focus as well as my model, while inside it was more focusing on the details so having an aperture of f/9- f/3.5 allowed us to focus on the main subjects in the image while having the background blurred.

I really like the outcome of this shoot as it captures what I set out to do, that was find out that Adam does in his day-to-day life, while looking at his personal belongings. I would have liked the exposer to have been better but I will edit them to how I feel will look best. If I were to re shoot around this location with Adam I would want to try include some of his uni friends just to see how he interacts with them compared to the other people I’m photographing. I feel like as he lives down the hall from his uni friends and goes out drinking with them it will be different to what he does with his friends he goes on days out with. I plan on doing another shoot following around another model but again in a different situation from Veronica and Adam, just so I can capture a wide contrast.