Day with Mia

I used a Canon 600D with an 18-55mm lens.

Within this shoot I was following another one of my friends around on their day-to-day life. Location wise we went from her local park to inside her home. Even though it was an overcast day it didn’t affect my images too much as I felt there was still a good amount of light to work with, especially as I had made sure to go in the afternoon. We chose to do part of this shoot in the park as it’s the one she grew up in so holds many childhood memories, as well as it being the park she walks through to get to college. When it came to shooting indoors the overcast weather didn’t help me at all as it meant there was little light shining through the windows, meaning the rooms would be lit by weak artificial lighting. Some rooms had better lighting than others so I did my best with adjusting the setting the fit with the different lightings. I thought about using flash but decided against it as I knew it would create harsh shadows and would make the images looked more staged when I want candid. I may go back and reshoot this model in her home to experiment with the flash, just to see if I could have made any of the indoor images better. Because of this lighting some of my images are underexposed but not by too much that editing in lightroom or photoshop couldn’t fix.

I used a wide range of focal lengths so ensure different styles of cropping and angles within my images without having to move my position by much, if I felt I had a good shot. Because of the contrast of light my ISO ranged from 100-3200, which is a bit too high for what I wanted to use. Having the ISO at 3200 meant the noise in the darker tones will be shown more, but in the editing it can be fixed slightly. If I am not happy with the amount of noise that is coming though I can experiment using a grain effect across some of my images and see what affect it has. My shutter speed reading were 1/80s, 1/60s and 1/50s again the 1/50s is a lower shutter speed than I’d normally like to use but I used a steady hand to try prevent any camera shake. My aperture values ranged from f/3.5-f/7.1, having lower aperture values meat it allowed more lighting through the lens but had a greater depth of field. Having my model in focus is all I wanted so having the background slightly blurred didn’t affect my images.

On a whole I don’t think the images came out too bad, after some editing I know they will look a bit better. I especially like how some of the images include the models parent to show she has a bond, none of my other models had their parents around, showing me as the photographer, they maybe didn’t have a greater bond as some others did. Even though I didn’t use as many different viewpoints I captured some different activates then I had from my previous ‘day with’ models which I like. Even though the dim lighting didn’t help with the quality of the images, it still allowed the images to be slightly different. As some of the bathroom images the light is on the model leaving a slightly darker border witch is not something that is in any of my other images as of yet. I do want to go back and reshoot some more of the models personal/ meaningful details that I may have missed, to give the viewers more of an idea of who they are as a person and what their interests are. Also experimenting with flash indoors to see if it will work with my theme or if it will just make my images look unnatural.