Chloe’s Day

For this shoot I introduced another model named Chloe. I followed Chloe around on what she does in a basic day. I chose to add her to my models as she is the only one who can drive, showing more freedom in a way of being able to go anywhere at any time. As Adam (another model) has freedom in a different way as he lives alone so doesn’t have his parents doing anything for him.

The locations I shot in where Chloe’s car and house, as these are both of the places she spends most of her time. I was an overcast day and as the vehicle was always moving it meant the light was always changing slightly but I did my best to capture different viewpoints from within the car. When shooting in her home I chose to shoot at midday hopping to get a lot of light through the windows but it was an overcast day. When photographing I did try and place myself so the natural lighting hit the model well, exposing the images correctly. I did move from room to room so the lighting did change throughout as the colours of the surroundings would be different as well as having different windows. I feel I did well with the exposes, making sure to adjust if an image wasn’t how I wanted it. I also made sure to include some details that were in her room to show who she is as a person. I made sure to include to images of her crutches as her health is something she has been fighting with for many years and is getting back on track now. She has three dogs who are always around so I made sure to include interactions with them as they’re always around even is no one else is.

I feel the colours within the shoot all flow together nicely, so when places together will look uniformed. As I was always changing rooms and angles the settings within my camera were always changing to suite the new location. My ISO ranged from 100-1000, I wanted to keep my ISO as low as possible to insure the best quality and as little noise within the blacks. The two shutter speeds I used were 1/60s and 1/80s, when shooting on location I wouldn’t normally go as low as 1/60s but as the images taken with this setting were as still it didn’t affect my images as they would have if there was movement within them. The main aperture value I used was f/3.5 but for some of the images it did range up to f/6.3, as with my other shoots having a lower aperture did affect my images as the models and her details were the main focus. It would have been nice with the images with the dogs in to have a larger aperture so the model and the dogs were in focus but I feel I did well in working with the light that was available.

Overall I really like the outcome of this shoot, I feel I pushed myself to try even more view points as I have before, like having a birds eye view for some of the images. I defiantly captured her caring personality and how closed off she can be. If I were to reshoot I’d make sure to include more of the details around her house and in her life, showing the little things like her car keys and in her bathroom. I feel these are important as it they show more of her that what we see from just her face. I also want to see if I can do a shoot with her and her boyfriend as they’re very close and a different side of her comes out when they’re together and I think it’s show a nice contrast to what is shown when she is alone.