Day out with Mia and Bella

This shoot was taken in central London with Mia and Bella, using a Canon 600D. I shot on an overcast day, which even though I was in an open area mean that not all of my images are correctly exposed. The locations we visited were the streets of London, inside a record store and on buses. I decided to let the models choose what we did and where we went to show what a real do out for them looks like, making it more personal. I wanted to capture the real interactions between the two to show a real friendship, this meant I didn’t make them pose of any of the images. I took the images as if I was a fly on the wall, allowing them to be themselves. Some of the images are underexposed as the overcast blocked out a lot of light but I was able to change the settings to fit the new shot. As I was constantly moving and changing angles it would have been too time consuming to change the settings for every shot, so I did it when necessary but there’s nothing that can’t be fixed with Photoshop if I needed the image.

I wanted to insure the best quality so I tried to use an ISO of 100 most of the time but for a few of my images there where in the record store and on the bus the lighting was quite dim so the ISO ranged from 1000-3200. I kept my shutter speed to 1/100 as if I were to make it higher the camera would need more light and any lower my moving models would have been blurred. Some of my images are blurred but as the lighting conditions were not as fitting as I’d hoped I did my best to move with the models. My aperture value ranged from f/3.5 – 7.1, meaning having a lower aperture allowed more light through the lens but would only focus on one subject. This didn’t affect my images as the shoot was about the models, and if I needed an image of their surroundings I would have taken an image without them in the frame. Having a blurry background meant when taking images of details they would be the main focus of the image.

I feel with editing I can bring these images to life a bit more, as to me the overcast made them slightly flat. Overall I am pleased with my images and I feel I captured their friendship in a relaxed way that also shows how they socialise. I made sure to keeping switching up the framing and angles of the images to keep them interesting to the viewer, so once placed together they look unique. As the photographer I found it challenging to make sure I always had the settings to expose the image correctly and also coming up with new ways to capture the same moment in a new way, so the audience can have different perspectives and viewpoints throughout.